While everyone can afford to buy a daub, very few among us can boast to have a Picasso or a Matisse over their fireplace. Actually, if you do, you could most probably be called a millionaire. Indeed, paintings and art pieces can sometimes reach incredible prices during auctions, due to speculation among "collectionneurs". In what follows, we challenge you to guess a few facts about the most expensive art pieces ever sold in history, so that you can become a true art collector — or at least a decent art critic, if you're a bit short on resources.

Which painting is the most expensive in your opinion?

Please click on the painting which you think is the most expensive among the three.

good guesses against bad ones in total.

Well, the art market can be a little volatile you know...

How much is worth the most expensive art piece ever sold?

Just guess...

$ million
Interchange - Willem de Kooning
Interchange - Willem de Kooning (1955)
Nafea Faa Ipoipo - Paul Gauguin
Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?) - Paul Gauguin (1892)

A little comparison to set the ideas:

Nafea Faa Ipoipo - Paul Gauguin
Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?) - Paul Gauguin (1892)
121 Bugatti Chiron! (the second most expensive car on the planet, worth an approximate $ 2.5 million)

Painting VS. Sculpture

When considering the top 10 most expensive paintings and sculptures ever sold, which art branch weights more than the other in your opinion?

Distribution of the most expensive art pieces ever sold during an auction by category (painting in red, sculpture in blue).

As you can see on the distribution, if you are a bit broke these days, you might consider buying a sculpture instead.

Who's the boss?

Who do you think is at the top of this leaderboard, in terms of agregated value?

Below is the list (in descending order) of the most expensive art pieces sold during an auction, grouped by artist. Picasso definitely is the boss.

Fun fact

Picasso used to do little sketches on napkins when he went to the restaurant. Once asked by the owner of a small bistro whether he would be so kind as to do a little drawing on a napkin in exchange for paying the bill, Picasso accepted. Yet, when the owner came back with the drawing asking for Picasso to sign it, the latter replied to him that he only wanted to pay his bill, not buy the restaurant. What a cool lad!

Sotheby's VS Christie's

Sotheby's and Christie's are the top two leading fine art auctioneers in the world. Both of them sold around 4 billion pounds of art and collectibles in 2016, according to the the international auction house. In your opinion, which one is at the top of this leaderboard?

Agregated value of sales per auction house.

Which is the most talented country?

Which country does aggregate the most money in your opinion? (you might consider taking the Picasso bias into account)

Below is the list (in descending order) of the richest countries in terms of aggregated value of their artists.

Andy Warhol:$ 617,7 million
Mark Rothko:$ 590,9 million
Jackson Pollock:$ 368,3 million
Jasper Johns:$ 215,8 million
Barnett Newman:$ 193,8 million
Cy Twombly:$ 141,7 million
Roy Lichtenstein:$ 96,4 million
Jeff Koons:$ 95,2 million
Thomas Eakins:$ 78,5 million
David Smith:$ 28,8 million

$ 2,427 million

Vincent van Gogh:$ 801,8 million
Willem de Kooning:$ 608,1 million
Rembrandt:$ 182 million
Peter Paul Rubens:$ 102,1 million

$ 1,694 million

Pablo Picasso:$ 1364,7 million

$ 1,364.7 million

Paul Cézanne:$ 466 million
Paul Gauguin:$ 303 million
Claude Monet:$ 171 million
Pierre-Auguste Renoir:$ 143,2 million
Édouard Manet:$ 65,9 million
Henri Matisse:$ 53,6 million

$ 1,202.7 million

Amedeo Modigliani:$ 436,2 million
Titian:$ 244,7 million
Attributed to Leonardo da Vinci:$ 131,1 million
Pontormo:$ 68 million

$ 880 million

Well... maybe you should reconsider applying for US citizenship here.

Which museum has the most hits?

Make a guess:

Below is the list (in descending order) of the richest museums in terms of aggregated value of their art pieces.

When go shopping?

Last thing, now that you seem ready to be a good art dealer, remember to save some money for summer. Indeed, most auctions take place in August. So don't you miss it!

Cumulated auction prices per month

Each bubble is proportional to cumulated auction prices of art pieces sold during this month.

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